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Muskoka Trip: A Summer Tradition
Penn Lake, Muskoka

Every year my family gets together and rents a cottage in Muskoka for a week in the summer.  My parents used to take my sister and I every summer to this area when we were kids so it feels like a second home to me.  Now that we are grown up we decided to continue the tradition and bring our spouses, and my sister's children along with us.  This year we rented a cottage on Penn Lake (also called Peninsula Lake), near Huntsville, ON.

My Muskoka Vacation

The cottage had so much character and cute little details. In addition to the main cottage, there was an old boat house near the water that had been converted into a little bedroom suite.  Since the main cottage was pretty crowded with my parents and my sister's family of four, my husband and I decided to take the cabin by the lake.

To say I took a few pictures is an understatement. I took a rediculous amount of pictures, so many that I spent hours sifting through them all and cutting it down to the best 258.  Then I had to pick the best out of the bunch to share here. There were so many opportunities to get a great scenic shot. The different times of the day and change in weather offered completely different lighting and colours then the previous day.

My nephews are a little older now and could enjoy the swimming, fishing and other things to do, with life jackets on at all times for piece of mind.  We even had to suit up Miles (he's only 2) during the campfire since the fire pit was located so close to the water.

Fira enjoyed chasing the ducks away, who visited us several times a day in hopes of scavenging some bread or whatever crumbs were left over from the campfire from the night before.  The ducks were pretty tame and would immediately return as soon as she turned her back on them.

I think my favourite thing about this cottage were the sunrises.  The first morning I woke up super early and noticed the colours peaking throughout the curtains.  I excitedly leapt out of bed and went straight out to the dock with my camera.  This was the routine for the rest of the week, which sometimes resulted in day naps or me going to bed the same time as the kids did.  My husband never joined me to watch the sunrises, but Fira was with me every time.  I think she enjoyed them as much as I did.