Florida Trip 2015: Part 2 - Florida Keys

Sunrise over the palms

For the second half of our vacation we rented a condo in Key Largo, which is quite a bit further south than Kissimmee and much warmer. I did a lot of relaxing on this part of the trip, read a few books, took a million pictures, and kayaked through the mangroves.  Ok, I admit I may have just sat and drank my rum and coconut water while my husband paddled. Gotta love those double kayaks!

Key Largo Condo

 I guess I have a thing for sunrises over sunsets....or I just happen to always be up early.  Each day offered something beautiful and differenent from the next based on whether it was cloudy or clear.  This view is looking out over the Atlantic from Key Largo.

Sunrise over atlantic from Key Largo

Later in the week we went on a day trip to Key West, the very last island in the Florida Keys.  We have been to Key West before but this was the first time we drove there from Key Largo.  It is a beautiful drive, we stopped at a few spots along the way.

Key West has a special place in my heart, it is really like no where else I have ever been.  I love the conch style houses and the overall southern feel of the island.  It is also very dog friendly and most patios welcome dogs and even offer cold bowls of water for furry companions. We ate lunch at the Sunset Pier Restaurant on the water, the food was delicious.  The Island Dog Bar was a great spot for afternoon drinks and so many people walking by asked to pet Fira, she didn't seem to mind one bit and loved soaking up all the attention.  Dinner on the patio at the Westin Hotel was also delicious and they also welcomed Fira without hesitation.  By the end of the day Fira had established a bit of a fan club on the island and we were actually exhausted answering all the questions people had about her.  I guess Cane Corso's are not that common there, or she just won everyone over with her superior cuteness.

Key West Street View
Mallory Square in Key West Florida

Earlier in the day when we went to the dog beach :)

Key West Dog Beach
Key West, Florida