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Geometric Wall Shelves

I have been setting up the new studio space and starting moving stuff back in. I knew needed a lot of practical and sturdy shelving for my studio, but I also wanted to include some decorative and fun shelving.  Geometric shelving for the win!  I saw a few online I liked and hard would it be to make a few.  Well, it isn't the easiest project, especially for someone who is mathematically challenged like myself.  

Angles are everything when it comes to making these shelves.  It was time to bring in the husband.  He and I are quite opposites when it comes to our skill sets, while I like to consider myself handy lady I definitely lack the math and geometry knowledge my husband has. It works out quite well with us, I dream up these crazy ideas and he either helps me make it happen or confirms it is a crazy idea.

I stained them with a grey and brown stain so they would match the worktop in the studio. The first stain I got was a bit too grey so I did another coat of a brownish colour I found in the garage and it matched perfectly.  Everything is almost all set up now, soon I will be posting pictures of the finished studio!